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Building Use

Calvary Lutheran Church desires to be at the center of the community.  Though much is going on in the life of the church, there are opportunities for Calvary Members to utilize classrooms in "Fellowship Hall" and "The Gathering Place".  "Fellowship Hall" also has a kitchen attached for those needing food services. If you want to reserve a room, submit a room request by contacting the church office at (920) 233-3800 or fill out the contact form HERE and we'll get back to you soon.

Gathering Place 7-17-2023.jpg

The Gathering Place  40' x 27', 1080 Square Feet, Maximum Occupancy 30

Projector and sound system available.      

Fellowship Hall 7-17-2023.jpg

Fellowship Hall:  38' x 50', 1900 Square Feet, Maximum Occupancy 50

Room can be configured into small spaces with moveable walls        

Kitchen 7-17-2023.jpg

Kitchen: Serving ware - plates, utensils, drinkware, two refrigerators, two sinks, two stoves, and coffee pots.      

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