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Our Pastor

Our Pastor Doug Holtz has been leading Calvary since December 2018. He has been serving in ordained ministry for ten years, his previous calls being in Albrightsville, PA, and Sherwood, WI. Before pastoral ministry, Pastor Doug was a band teacher, many of those years in Galesville, Wisconsin, teaching 5th and 6th grade musicians as they began discovering their talents.

One of his greatest joys is to help others discover their talents given to them by God with the purpose of using those gifts to serve God's people in God's world. His own gifts include preaching and worship leadership, teaching and leading people to greater knowledge and love for Christ, and playing musical instruments and singing boldly with joy.

Pastor Doug has previously served on the Crossways Camping Ministries board of directors and is a member of the Synod Assembly planning team as well as the committee that focuses on the Roman Catholic-ELCA dialogue toward fellowship agreement. He previously served as a conference dean and served as the worship leader alongside Rachel Kurtz at the Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod annual assembly.


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