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Our Mission


Nurturing Disciples to Serve Our Community³ with GOD's Love and Forgiveness

What's up with the "Community" cubed ("3")  you might ask?


This represents our service to three communities: 1) the local community of Calvary Lutheran Church, 2) the larger community of Oshkosh, and 3) the massive community of our World. 

You can see our mission statement above. It's how we do ministry here at Calvary Lutheran Church. Are we perfect at keeping it? No, we're only human after all. But we do strive to empower God's people to do God's work in homes, classrooms, workplaces, and even (egad!) the church building itself.

We do this not to bring honor or favor to ourselves. God has already given us the kingdom! So why do we do it? We do it because God has richly gifted us with skills and talents meant to be used to strengthen God's kingdom as we share them with those around us. And no, we don't expect a single thing from doing this as we can't earn our way into God's love. We simply do everything in response to God's mercy and love for us. Some call this "amazing grace;" we completely agree.

You're always welcome to join this community of people who love the Lord and really want to make a difference in our world; a difference that brings peace and hope to the communities in which we live, work, and play. That's who we are, and we can only be made stronger if you join us. Again, you are ALWAYS welcome!

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