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What to Expect at Calvary


Calvary is here for you!  We offer an experience with Jesus for the whole family. 


What you can expect from us:


  • First, we want to welcome you ... with no pressure to join our church. So ... relax ... and focus on experiencing worship.

  • We'll be singing songs to express our love for God--some may be new to you, some you may recognize, in any case hymnals are available.

  • Our pastor will share a relevant Bible-based message, often combined with thought-provoking stories, to enable you to discover new truths that help you see life from God's point of view.

  • It is our hope that by coming to Calvary, God will free you to live a life that has greater meaning to you.

  • After worship, we welcome you to enjoy fellowship (and maybe a snack) in the Narthex.

  • You will also see Christian sacraments such as baptism or communion and we'll be sure to explain what they mean so you won't feel left out.

  • You will meet people just like you: people going through life situations leaning on Jesus or celebrating a victory in God's name.

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