So COVID-19 has changed our plans, but not our need to learn about God's love for us through the gathering of people we call the church. Our confirmation instruction will not be in the building but rather online for our young people to learn as their time allows. I have included below a link to our learning plan for 2020-2021. 

Please make special note of our times together online via Zoom. These will be times to hear one another's questions, lift up prayer requests, and many even have some crazy online friendly competition!

If you feel you should be receiving confirmation information but aren't, please email Pastor Doug and he will get you on the list! If you are receiving info and don't need to, consider yourself well-informed! (Also, just let PD know, and he'll correct the list!)

Here's that link to our learning plan: 

Try to keep up each week. Hey, you can even work ahead. Just remember to email PD with the answers to those five question each time! 

Hopefully we'll be able to gather in person at some point this year, especially for our chats, games, and fun on those Sunday evenings. Because being the church is sharing life together, and you are most important in the eyes of God, just like all your siblings in Christ!

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