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CALVARY SUNDAY SCHOOL - We believe our children are the next generation of leaders.  Our goal is to equip them with life-changing truths that will last… a lifetime.  We offer Sunday school from September through May at 9:00am for all children ages 3 through 6th grade.  Special dramas and musical presentations are presented throughout the year as well, concluding with our annual Christmas program.  Click here for additional dates and times.





CALVARY CONFIRMATION - Our confirmation program - geared toward seventh and eighth graders is based around how the early church taught and tried to live out the faith.  We worship together, are taught key tenets of the faith, do service together, and learn how to take prayer with us into our lives.  Our confirmation program is integrated with different learning styles to help kids get the most out of the experience.  We really are dynamically working to form our children into caring, Christian people that can walk by faith into this world.





ADULT CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - We have both morning and evening studies of the Bible going on during most of the year.  Also, we offer adult conversations in between most services on Sundays geared toward living out the faith freely.  We have found being together among those similarily studing the Word of God opens us up to what the Holy Spirit is working on through us right now. 





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